Monday, March 25, 2013

Jetstreame Game Spotlight #3: Star Shapers

by David Hellstrom

Hello from Jetstreame!
David Hellstrom here. I am the team lead and game designer for Star Shapers. This is the game that will be the focus for our third Jetstreame Game Spotlight.

Star Shapers is a classic example of instant inspiration. I must have had a muse next to me on the drive home the night this idea struck me. I was trying to think of something simple, yet addictive. There on the black pavement were shapes in the road. An arrow here denoting a turn-only lane, a crosswalk made of rectangles, a yield sign. Shapes we see every day plastered in front of me on a black background. Luckily, I was on a section of road without much light-pollution or I never would have noticed the starry sky.

Star Shapers was born.

I was convinced the game would not only be fun, but also simple to make. My lead programmer, Thomas Woods, did not disappoint. He quickly came up with a prototype and we  immediately saw the potential. Not only were we determined to make this game fun, but we also wanted Star Shapers to look amazing. I had to call in the big guns. A friend of mine, Billy Reiter, excels in art and animation, he even teaches the subject at a local college. If we could get him on board I was convinced we would have a winner. Lucky for us, he agreed.That night, he came up with the shape designs you see above you. Star Shapers was starting to take shape rather nicely. To complete the Star Shapers team, we added our Jetstreame artist/sound design intern, Sarah Schuler, who designed the menu screens, background art, and music.

Star Shapers is a very simple game. The player is in control of “pieces” which they shoot out of a cannon at fragments floating around the star filled void. When the right number of pieces are connected to the fragments a shape is created. The player will have 1:30 seconds to complete as many shapes as possible. Think Tetris meets Asteroids. Power ups will augment the speed of the pieces and fragments, as well as possibly adding time to the count down clock. There is a special shape, a star, which will give the player a rather explosive bonus as well.

We truly hope others will be as excited as this game as we are. Keep checking back to the Jetstreame blog for more news on Star Shapers and the rest of Jetstreame's upcoming releases.

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