Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jetstreame Game Spotlight #2: Crush Hour

by Derrick Tarrance

Greetings! My name is Derrick Tarrance and I am the lead designer for Crush Hour. Crush Hour is a mayhem puzzle game and will be one the first of the titles Jetstreame will be releasing. This title is expected to debut in April and will be available for the iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. 

Crush Hour is a simple yet fun and comedic game. It challenges players to think on their feet while getting the thrill of a little fender bending. In this title you follow the story of five policemen and women; each who have been demoted to the boring task of a traffic cop. Their stories take you to five different locations around the world where you must enact their revenge and take it out on traffic. Directing traffic in all the wrong ways will earn you points and gain access to extra areas in each stage. At it's core, this game is very simple. Players are directed to crash cars by swiping vehicles of matching color into one another and clearing each intersection before the time runs out. Be sure to not let the cops escape, because they are heading right for you. 

To be honest, the concept for this game came from a joke and took off as something really worthwhile. It was early 2012 when the game idea was proposed. Originally, everything about it was a laughing matter. Even the name, "Crush Hour" materialized after a few jokes. In it's early development stages, Crush Hour was progressing very slow. Finding artists and programmers came as no easy task and for a while we could not keep both positions filled consistently. With myself leading designs and art work at the time, it was very difficult to get both jobs done in a timely manner. It was not until early 2013 that artist Vincent Perez and co-founder/programmer Andy Jeune joined up to help with development of the game. Together, the game's development has really taken off and we are moving along on schedule. 

None of us are expecting the next Fruit Ninja or Cut the Rope, but we do foresee Crush Hour as a title that people can have fun with. Each of us have full time jobs and can only dedicate so much of our time to Crush Hour's progress. We have put forth an immense amount of work and continue to receive support from our family, friends, and fans. At the end of the day, we just want to make a fun idea into something memorable. From myself, the team of Crush Hour, and all of Jetstreame, we thank you. Without your support, we wouldn't have come this far.

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