Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jetstreame Game Spotlight #1: Dragon Drop

by James Richards

Hey Jetstreame fans! I'm James Richards and I'm the team lead and Game Designer for Dragon Drop. This is going to be the first in a series of articles where we will be focusing on one of our many projects that we will be releasing during the rest of this year and let you know what it is all about. Dragon Drop is a platforming game that will be coming out for the iOS, Android & Blackberry this Spring.

The core mechanic of the game is the unique ability to drag and drop platforms and other objects into the game to guide your hero to the end of the level. Dragon Drop has been a concept that I have thought about since my sophomore year of college. Back then, I simply called it "Stick Platformer." It was just one of many game ideas I had used for a class project at the time. I grew rather fond of the concept and saw a lot of potential in it. I attempted twice back in college to get a group of students together to work on the game, but things fell through due to a number of difficulties and scheduling conflicts that I had with the other students. The project was shelved for some time and I used the game design document as a portfolio piece. In September of 2011 I started an internship with the company now known as Jetstreame. Around March of 2012 we started development on the title but it wasn't until September or so that we finally got a solid team together. We brought on Vanny Sou as our programmer and Ashley Waldorf as our artist. In December of 2012, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game to raise $1,000 for development costs. Fortunately, we were successfully funded with 36 total backers. Now we're working on finishing the game. Our new goal is to have the game ready by the middle of May.

Dragon Drop takes traditional platforming and puts the power of choice into the player's hands. The player could use their allotted platforms and other dropable tools strategically to grab all of the enticing collectables, or they could head straight for the goal and just grab what is in front of them. The game is all about having fun. I want the player to enjoy the story, experiment with items, but most importantly; play it their way. The game is divided into three worlds each with 8 levels. After completing a level the player is taken to the world map where they can use the map fragments they have collected during gameplay to unlock new levels. If a player is diligent enough to collect every map fragment they may even be able to skip a level or two if they desire.

At the end of every world is a boss battle. We're working very hard to make sure these fights make it into the final product. Hopefully we will be able to deliver this element to you. There are also many power-ups that can be found during gameplay including a Sword, Umbrella and Spring Boots. The "dropable items" that the player can use include a Platform, Trampoline, Stone, Dynamite and a Candle. There are some great gameplay scenarios that result from using these items.

We are dedicating all of the free time we can to create a game that we believe in. We are not trying to turn over a quick buck or make the next Angry Birds. We are simply trying to express our creativity and make a fun game for our fans. The support we have received from our friends, family, the gaming community who just want to see a small studio succeed is inspiring. Thank you all for your support, we can't wait to share our game with you!

For more updates and information on Dragon Drop keep coming to the Jetstreame Blog or check out my own Personal Blog about the game.

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