Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jetstreame Announcing "Wave One"

by Shawn McFadden

We at Jetstreame are very passionate about games. We not only are passionate about games but we are passionate about our games. It has been relatively quiet on the news front when it comes to our upcoming projects. Minimal media has been released. No release dates. Very few details. Well, this is going to change soon. Jetstreame is officially moving into overdrive. It's crunch time among our various teams. This is why we are excited to announce Jetstreame Wave One. What does this mean? Wave One is what we are calling our first grouping of games that will be rolling out May through August. It is our plan to release one title per month along with dedicated DLC packs for existing titles. Android and Blackberry fans have already got a taste of Wave One with Circuit Swap, which was released March 15th. This title will also be coming to iOS and Windows 8 at a future date (TBA). Crush Hour will be released next month in May. With will be followed by Dragon Drop in June, and a Jetstreame double dose with Star Shapers and Train Hopper in August. We are tentatively planning to release an unannounced title in July that we cannot yet discuss. All we can say is that it is one to get excited about.   Hopefully our fans are just as excited as we are. Stay tuned for screenshots and video for our upcoming releasing coming soon.

Summer is Coming.

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