Monday, April 29, 2013

GDC '13 Recap

by Godric Johnson

Hey Jetstreame fans! This is Godric Johnson, Head of Jetstreame Studios. The 2013 Game Developer's Conference was an amazing experience for us here at Jetstreame. Two of our core members were in attendance this year: Myself and James Richards, Lead Designer of Dragon Drop.  Three of our games were available for attendees to play including Circuit Swap, Dragon Drop and Star Shapers. The overall reception of our titles was very positive and we garnered constructive feedback to better enhance gameplay experience in our games. GDC is the annual must attend event for any and all game developers. For those aspiring to join the robust video games industry, it is a great place for networking and learning about the inner workings of the industry.  The learning, seminars, expo floor, career pavilion, game demos, and nightlife; GDC has everything here to help kickstart a career and have fun doing it. GDC is one of my favorite times of the year! I’ve been to eight consecutive Game Developers Conferences. It all started during my Undergrad at the University of Advancing Technology. It’s by far my favorite conference to attend and I always have a blast. Everything is here for you to succeed, whether you’re a small indie game developer or a multi-billion dollar corporation touting Triple A titles.  The real thing that makes our industry great is the amount of passion coming from everyone in it. This mass of super gifted individuals who comprise this much maligned force called "The Video Games Industry," are the reason I love what I do. The pure inspiration one draws from this conference is truly astounding. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy myself every time, because the atmosphere is so great.  I must shoutout my super awesome CA family, because they’re an amazing group of hard working people who deserve all the success in the world. My studio has a great collective of superbly gifted and passionate people and it’s a joy to work with them. It’s an honor and I never take this job for granted.  We’ve worked really hard and I most surely look forward to leading Jetstreame to great heights as an independent game studio indeed. Stay tuned to the Jetstreame Blog for more updates!

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